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Can Smoked Meats be a Delicacy?

Smoked meats are like pizza you want in every now and then but you want it to be over the top like a good steak. Since smoked meats are generally the tougher fattier cuts of meat they require a low cook temperature and at least 8-10 hours to cook. Thus potentially rendering them tender and very flavorful like a tender steak. The difference is the steak is tender and more expensive and takes a fraction of the time to cook. Meat for smoking has increased drastically in price recently so it is no longer cheap to prepare and is comparable to the more expensive cuts of meat like beef steaks in cost. For the above reasons I would say that smoked meats rival a good steak in unique flavors and juicy tenderness. Visit www.artiesbestbarbecue and view some of the smoked meats and sides we offer every two weeks. Preorder online and pickup on the designated cook date and time frame in Tylertown and other locations like Hattiesburg. Follow, like and share us on Facebook at Arties Best Barbecue for the latest cook dates and offerings. Also you register on the website by sending us your email address for future cooks. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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